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Wound Care

Advanced Wound Care for Advanced Healing

At Glenwood Hyperbaric and Wound Care Center, patients receive professional, advanced treatment from a complete healthcare team of physicians and nurses specializing in hyperbaric medicine and wound care.

If you are suffering from a chronic, slow-, or non-healing wound, then the time to take control is now. The wound care team at Glenwood has experience in caring for a variety of wounds at all stages. If you are not sure as to whether or not your wound needs advanced care, talk to your primary physician. If you do not have a primary physician, you may wish to view this Wound Self-Assessment.

Four Phases of Advanced Wound Care

At Glenwood Hyperbaric and Wound Care Center, patients walk through a four-phase wound care process. The four-phase care model begins with an initial assessment and includes treatment, surgery (if necessary), and education.

#1 Assessment

During this phase, you will undergo a full evaluation and various non-invasive vascular studies. Your wound care team will ask about your medical history and determine a unique treatment plan to meet your needs.

Learn more about Phase One Wound Assessment

#2 Treatment

Treatment options can vary widely depending on the type of wound you have and how advanced it is. Common treatment options include debridement, antibiotic drugs, and compression therapy.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is another form of advanced wound treatment that is available at Glenwood Hyperbaric and Wound Care Center. In HBO2 therapy, 100% oxygen (10 to 20 times the normal amount found in the air we breathe) is pumped into a pressurized chamber; the exposure to oxygen boosts the immune system and helps transport blood cells to the wound area. Learn more.

Learn more about Phase Two: Wound Treatment

#3 Surgery

Surgery is not always necessary for treating a wound. However, some advanced wounds, especially chronic wounds that have become infected, may require surgery. There are several types of surgeries available for wound care, including deep debridement, skin grafting, and revascularization.

Learn more about Phase Three: Wound Surgery

#4 Education

Once your wound has been properly cared for and treated, your wound care specialists will discuss the steps you can take to care for the affected area. If you need assistance in managing your diabetes or quitting tobacco use, your wound care team may be able to provide guidance in these areas.

Learn more about Phase Four: Wound Care Education

Wound Infection

At Glenwood Hyperbaric and Wound Care Center, staff and physicians put a special emphasis on patient education. Part of that education includes knowing when to seek professional medical attention for an infected wound.

Learn More About Wound Infection

Referrals & Location

A physician’s referral is required for hyperbaric oxygen therapy and wound treatment. If you or a loved one is in need of wound treatment, please call 318-329-8470 for more information.

The Glenwood Hyperbaric And Wound Care Center is located in the Glenwood Medical Mall

102 Thomas Road
Suite 300B
West Monroe, LA

Convenient parking and a direct covered entryway are located at ENTRANCE 3.

Wound Care

Wound Care

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